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The Werd

Dance         -          Unplugged         -          Tropical

The Werd - Dance


Dance, Rock, Latin and more! Classic and Modern.

When you need the energy of the club and the power of the rock concert, you need "The Werd -Top 40". Complete with interactive DJ/MC your party will be non stop from start to finish.


The Werd - Unplugged


When you need ambient music for networking parties and similar events but are looking for something a little more "familiar" than a jazz combo, you need "The Werd - Unplugged".

Combining "Acoustic" favorites with unplugged versions from several genres, "The Werd - Unplugged" will give you just the right volume and feel you're looking for.

If the energy of the event changes and guests want to dance?

No problem.

"The Werd - Unplugged" can crank it up and have the dance floor moving.

If you still need more energy then DJ Eric can take over and finish the night in style.



The Werd - Tropical


When you need the fun, vibe and music of the islands but want the band to look a little "hipper" than your average Hawaiian shirt, you need "The Werd - Tropical"


Marley, Buffet, The Beach Boys, Jason Mraz, Zach Brown Band and more!


Always a high energy performance and with the included DJ/MC you get lots of audience interaction.


As the event unfolds the band can switch gears to a more traditional format including dance, rock, latin and more! 



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